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Australian visas

An Australian visa application is submitted without visiting the Embassy. Personal presence is not required.

Visa fee

Hotel and ticket booking

Price List

Tourist visitor visa (subclass 600)

Business visa (subclass 600)

Transit visa

3500 RUB.

4000 RUB.

3000 RUB.

135 AUD.


To send documents using a courier service

1500 RUB.

Notarized translation of the documents into English

900 RUB./1doc.

*If your visa is refused, we shall refund our service fee

Where to start?





Contact our manager for information about a visa type, number of applicants, city for your application to be submitted, cost and for understanding of the general visa application process.

Fill out the questionnaire and compile the required documents.

Pay the visa fee, translation and courier service fees.

We shall prepare all required documents to apply for a visa and send them to the Embassy using a courier service within two days. The approximate time for issuing a visa is 2 weeks from the date the application is submitted. However, the Embassy requires to submit a visa application 4 weeks prior to the intended date of your trip.

Document checklist to apply for an Australian visa:

1. Passport for travel abroad + previous passport for travel abroad (or its copy, if any);


2. Internal passport (or copy of the 1st page + page with a record of place of residence);


3. The questionnaire completed in Russian or English.


4. 35х45 mm photograph (2 pcs., in color, on white matt photographic paper).


5.  Employment verification certificate containing the position title, duration of employment and monthly salary. It is highly advisable to state that the employee shall have a paid leave for the period of the trip. Or Student/pupil status certificate.


6. Certificate from a bank proving that there are funds in an applicant’s account (covering the expenses of the planned trip, minimum 100 USD per day per person).


7. Insurance policy (is issued when the dates of the trip are set)

8. Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates of your Children (if any).

9. Documents of Title (if any).


Minors together with the basic set of documents must also present:


  1. Birth Certificate


  2. Travel Consent Letter from both parents.


  3. Copies of internal passports of both parents.

All the documents must be sent in the form of notarized copies. The certificates must be translated into English with the translation certified by a notary.

Submit an application and get a free consultation now.


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Australian Embassy adress:
10A/2 Podkolokolniy lane, 109028 Moscow
Phone: +7 495 956 6070 - Fax: +7 495 956 6170;
Consulate help: +61 2 6261 3305 (Russia) or 1300 555 135 (Australia)

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