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Invitation letters

for Russian visas

We make tourist and business invitations for Russian visas for foreigners.

You can place an order for our services from any country.

Tourist invitation

20 USD.

from 75 USD.

Business invitation

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To obtain a Russian tourist visa, all foreigners must provide the so-called "Invitation" to a Russian embassy. The Invitation is a Hotel Voucher certified by a travel agency having its own unique serial number starting with "MTZ". We will provide you with such an invitation, so you will be able to book any hotel in any city you want to visit in accordance with your desires, after you get visa.

1. The cost of the invitation applied to the European countries, USA, Canada, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

2. The invitations for citizens of the migration risk countries are not made.

3. For the invitations we need only a copy / scan of the passport.

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