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Schengen visas

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**If your visa is refused, we shall refund our service fee

Our agency provides visa services to obtain Schengen visas for Poland, Germany, Italy, France and other countries of the Schengen Agreement.

General document checklist to apply for Schengen visas:

*Discounts for groups of more than 3 persons, pensioners, students, children under 12 years old

1. Internal passport and passport for travel abroad (previous passport(s), if any)

2. Employment verification certificate containing the position title, duration of employment, salary. The certificate must be issued on letterhead paper, signed by the head of the organization, sealed and include the date of issue (not older than one month). If you are an individual entrepreneur, a copy of your Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities and of Registration of Individual Entrepreneur must be presented.


3. Bank statement containing the date of its issue, signature of the bank’s officer and bank’s seal. You may present an ATM mini statement instead of the bank statement attaching a copy of your card from both sides.

4. Copy of Marriage Certificate (if any), Birth Certificate for a Child (if any).

5. 2 photographs, size 3,5х4,5 cm – in color, on matt paper.

6. Documents of Title (if any).

7.  Completed questionnaire.

Consulates and embassies of various countries impose some additional requirements to the documents. It is advisable to contact our managers for detailed information regarding those requirements.

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