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Visas for seamen, for crew members of a ship,

 for cruise ship employment.

Our agency will assist you in applying for a visa for:

- Seamen travelling to join a ship to work under a contract;

- Crew members of a ship;

- Stewards/Stewardesses and crew members of an aircraft;

- Cruise liner service staff - musicians, housekeepers, waiters and etc.

The document checklist to apply for this visa category doesn’t require to provide a proof of applicant’s financial capacities, but includes:


- Contract with the employing organization;


- Guarantee letter/Letter from the agent;

- Muster roll (if applicable);


- LOE/LOI – Letter of Employment (if applicable);

- Itinerary sheet, proof of ticket booking (or other evidence of your itinerary);

- Other related documents (seafarer’s identity document, seaman’s book, passport to travel abroad, etc.)

For any questions you can contact us via the phone number in Kaliningrad:
904 924 (89082-904924)

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