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Singapore visas

A Singapore visa application is submitted online. Personal presence is not required, the documents shall be prepared in our office and sent by a courier service.

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A Singapore visa application is submitted online to an agency authorized by the Embassy. An issued visa is an approved electronic visa printed on a sheet of paper. A visa will not be stamped in your passport.

Fill out the questionnaire and additional forms (it can be done in our office).

Pay the visa fee and our service fees.

We shall prepare all required documents to apply for a visa within one day. The time for reviewing a visa application is 5-7 working days. We shall send the approved e-visa to your email address or print it out at our office when issued.

Document checklist to apply for a Singapore visa:

1. Passport for travel abroad – copy;


2. Internal passport – copy;


3. 35х45 mm photograph (2 pcs., in color, on white matt photographic paper; photographs used earlier in the passport are not accepted);


4.  Employment verification certificate containing the position title, duration of employment and salary rate / Student/pupil status certificate or Certificate from a bank proving that there are funds in an applicant’s account covering the expenses of the planned trip.


5. Insurance policy (is issued when the dates of the trip are set)

6. Completed questionnaire.

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1. You must submit your visa application not earlier than 5 weeks prior to the intended date of the travel, but not later than 1 week to that date.


2. The visa validity is usually 5 weeks from the date of its issuance. A visa with longer validity period may be issued at the discretion of the Immigration Department of the Republic of Singapore in cases of frequent visits or under a business invitation. You must include in the application form your request to issue a visa with longer validity period justifying the need for it. The request shall be obligatory for consideration.


3. A Singapore visa is a multiple entry visa. The visa validity period is a gap for entry, In other words, it allows multiple entries into Singapore before the visa expiration. Duration of each stay in the country cannot exceed 30 days every time you are entering.

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